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Lifting Essence

Lifting Essence

SKU: 364215376135199

Soften and remove dead skin cells. Enhance blood circulation and metabolism. Tighten and allow the skin to glow within 5 mins.

Reduce acne, scar, oil clog, wrinkles, pigmentation and other skin problems.


    Salicylic acid: Remove dead cells, enhance blood circulation and balance skin's pH. Clear clogged pores and reduce acne, repairing cells. 

    Lavender: anti-bacteria

    Grapefruit: reboot cells, and whitening and balancing skin's pH level.

    Matricaria: Soothing, antioxidanting, healing and hydrating all skin types. 

  • Direction

    Apply in an upward motion. For more information please consult our beautician. 

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